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Stunning video imagery from Freshwaters Illustrated. Photo

Stunning video imagery from Freshwaters Illustrated.

Freshwaters Illustrated seek to raise aquatic awareness through photo, video and film. They are currently seeking funding on Indiegogo for a project called ‘Hidden Rivers” which includes a media package and a full-length documentary. As a part of their fundraising, they have released a show reel of stunning footage captured in the Southern Appalachian rivers.

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Video: Howard Hall’s Leviathan Photo

Video: Howard Hall’s Leviathan

Filmmaker Howard Hall has posted a short film of footage of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) captured at Vavau’u, Tonga. Howard cites the help of Whale Watch Vava’u and Endangered Encounters in getting the encounters necessary for the film.. The images were captured with a RED Epic and a Tokina 10-17mm lens in 5K resolution.

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Video: Finding Yourself by Christian Vizl Photo

Video: Finding Yourself by Christian Vizl

Photographer Christian Vizl has shared “Finding Yourself”, a video of a photo shoot with freediver Maca Benitez in a Mexican cenote. Directed by Alex Luke, the film explains Christian’s vision for the images, and then shows him creating them. It forms part of his project to create a collection of images from the cenotes, with a view of eventually producing a book.

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Underwater footage from EOS 1D-C in forum Photo

Underwater footage from EOS 1D-C in forum

Wetpixel member Chris Parsons of Nauticam USA has posted some macro footage shot at Blue Heron Bridge, Florida with a Canon 1D-C on the Wetpixel forum. He feels that if footage captured with the camera “is exposed and color balanced correctly while shooting, the video is beautiful.”

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Video: Shark Dream by Andy Casagrande Photo

Video: Shark Dream by Andy Casagrande

Andy Casagrande has posted an underwater video shot on a RED EPIC at 5K resolution. Entitled “Shark Dream”, it features a series of slow motion shots, all featuring sharks. The aim is to portray this as a “shark dream … not a nightmare” and it was “created to inspire people to care about sharks”. The filmmaker suggests that people should go to Shark Angels to find out more about the plight of these animals.

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Sigma launch new product line video Photo

Sigma launch new product line video

Sigma has released an artistic interpretation of their new product line in the form of a video. The company; “used some internal parts from our lenses to show the commitment to the highest level of the work.” The film, entitled “Dancing parts” was partially inspired by the contemporary dancer, Pina Bausch and was shot using only Sigma lenses.

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Baja by Eric Higuera Photo

Baja by Eric Higuera

The short film, Baja, was recently awarded the 2013 Stan Waterman Award for Excellence in Underwater Videography, a part of the Beneath the Sea (BTS) imaging contest. The filmmaker describes his project as being:

“Finally completed after a year of hard work and dedication, it was made to show and share with you the amazing and beautiful creatures that inhabit its waters. These beauties are still there, but most threatened. Many fish stocks have been depleted due to uncontrolled illegal fishing worldwide, especially in breeding and marine protected areas.”

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